CVE-2012-5625 : Information leak in libvirt LVM-backed instances

This is something of a repeat. As openstack has gotten caught before not cleaning out reusable memory locations.

As has Amazon. But, it’s always annoying to see a vulnerability that has previously bit us in the ass come back to do so again.

OpenStack Security Advisory: 2012-020

CVE: CVE-2012-5625
Date: December 11, 2012
Title: Information leak in libvirt LVM-backed instances
Reporter: Eric Windisch (Cloudscaling)
Products: Nova
Affects: Folsom, Grizzly


Eric Windisch from Cloudscaling reported a vulnerability in libvirt
LVM-backed instances. The physical volume content was not wiped out
before being reallocated and passed to an instance, which may result in
the disclosure of information from previously-allocated logical volumes.
Only setups using libvirt and LVM-backed instances
(libvirt_images_type=lvm) are affected.

Grizzly (development branch) fix:

Folsom fix (included in upcoming Nova 2012.2.2 stable update):


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