CVE-2012-5563 : Extension of token validity through token chaining

OpenStack Security Advisory: 2012-019

CVE: CVE-2012-5563
Date: November 28, 2012
Title: Extension of token validity through token chaining
Reporter: Anndy
Products: Keystone
Affects: Folsom, Grizzly


Anndy reported a vulnerability in token chaining in Keystone. A token
expiration date can be circumvented by creating a new token before the
old one has expired. An authenticated and authorized user could
potentially leverage this vulnerability to extend his access beyond the
account owner expectations. Note: this vulnerability was fixed in the
past (CVE-2012-3426) but was reintroduced in Folsom when code was
refactored to support PKI tokens.

Grizzly (development branch) fix:

Folsom fix (included in upcoming Keystone 2012.2.1 stable update):


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